Stay warm, stay well.

    Warmies® bring comfort to everyday life. We believe emotional well-being is foundational to living healthier lives. That’s why we designed products that deliver soothing warmth, weighted comfort, and a calming aroma to help relieve stress, ease anxiety, and promote better sleep in people of all ages.

    Warmies® has crafted premium-quality self-care products centered around holistic wellness since 1995. Today, Warmies® are beloved by millions of people around the world. We’re honored to continue our mission to bring comfort and well-being to children, parents, and anyone else who needs a long warm hug.

    Why Warmies?

    Soothing Warmth

    Exposure to heat can help lower blood pressure and heart rate amid stress. Warmies® are easily heatable, providing therapeutic warmth whenever you need it.

    Weighted Comfort

    Gentle pressure can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. All of our products contain an all-natural grain filling for a relaxing, weighted sensory experience.

    Calming Aroma

    Research shows lavender can reduce nervousness and improve sleep quality. All of our products contain the perfect amount of dried French lavender for easier bedtimes and more restful sleep.

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